District Graduation Requirements

All seniors are required to complete the following requirements in order to graduate with diploma:

  • 30 hours of Community Volunteer Service. The total hours may vary depending when the student entered the district. Please refer to the community volunteer service hour’s packet for more detailed information and documentation
  • 44 Credits in the following areas:
    • 4 years (8 credits) English
    • 3 years (6 credits) Math. IM I, IM II and IM III
    • 4 years (8 credits) Social Science. World Geography, World History & Cultures, US History, Government &
    • 2 years (4 credits) Physical Education
    • 1 year (2 credits) Life Science or Biology
    • 1 year (2 credits) Physical Science or Chemistry
    • 1 year (2 credits) Visual Performing Art
    • 2 Years (4 credits) Foreign Language and or Career Technical Education (CTE)
    • 1 Sem (1 credit)  Comprehensive Health
    • 7 Elective Credits

AB 167/216: District Graduation Requirement Waiver for Foster Youth

Assembly Bill 167/216 are California legislation which allows a school district to exempt a homeless youth and student in foster care from district graduation requirements.  The mandates of AB 167/216 and Education Code 51225.2 (c) provide for all homeless and foster youth who have moved to a new school district or another school within the same district during their 11th or 12th grade year is only required to meet state mandated graduation requirements in order to graduate. They are exempt from district graduation requirements if they would not be able to reasonably meet the additional requirements. Exception: If the school district determines the homeless or foster youth is able to fulfill the district’s requirements to graduate on time, the homeless foster youth must complete the additional requirements. The school district of attendance issues an AB 167/216 Waiver. Students and their educational rights holder need to be aware that waiving of credits needed to graduate may affect the ability to gain admission into post-secondary institutions.  A meeting must take place between the school administrator, school counselor, the student, and the parent/guardian/educational rights holder to discuss AB 167216.  A request for district consideration of eligibility must be submitted by the parent/guardian/educational rights holder.

  • CA State Mandated Graduation Requirements
    • 3 Years (6 credits) English
    • 2 Years (4 credits) Math (successful completion of Algebra or Integrated Math I)
    • 2 Years (4 credits) Science (Biological & Physical)
    • 3 Years (6 credits) Social Sciences (1 year – US History, 1 year – World History and/or Geography, 1 semester – Government & 1 semester – Economics)
    • 1 Year (2 credits) Visual or Performing Arts or Foreign Language
    • 2 Years (4 credits) PE Courses


    *SUHSD offers different graduation plans that may not be identified above. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the school counselor.